Friday, December 23, 2011

A Toast to the Holidays

The holidays can always be a challenging time of year for those with food allergies. There are many tempting foods available which need to be avoided. Having substitutes available can help keep willpower strong. 
Starting in the late autumn, mulled apple cider is a seasonal favorite. Making your own fresh can avoid preservative which can be a hidden source of allergens. Find the recipe here for Mulled Apple Cider.  As autumn turns to winter, and the snow starts falling, nothing this the spot like hot chocolate. Find two recipes here for Hot Chocolate. One with a homemade flavor and another similar to a popular powdered mix.

Holiday parties are just not limited to evenings. This alcohol-free mimosa recipe can help you keep a clear head and enable you to make better food choices. Find the recipe for Faux-mosa here.

Happy Holidays!

Eat well and be well,


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