Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Food Stylin'

For a few years, I've bee trying to write a cookbook benefiting people with multiple food allergies and sensitivities. I’ve crafted and recorded many recipes with something new always brewing in the back of my mind.

This past winter, I started doing some research into what it would take to actually publish and publicize a book. Thankfully, I live in an area where I have access to an excellent public library system and was able to borrow 6 different books to read on the subject. Amazingly, unless you are already an established and lucrative writer, you need to finance everything yourself; including promotion. To me, that seemed a bit backwards. I decided to share my recipes and knowledge of health and well-being with everyone on the internet.

Photographing food is very new to me. I have an acquaintance who changed her career many years ago to become a food stylist. She started by going to James Beard School of Cooking every evening after work as well as weekends to learn how to cook and plate food. If it wasn't for a crossing of paths with this very creative woman, I would have no idea about food styling. Fortunately I now know and my library had several good books.

Here are some of my attempts today to capture a thousand words to describe the essence of my allergen-free, avocado-based, delicious chocolate pudding (click for recipe.)

Too lonely :(

Yes, that's right, I'm an avocado disguised as chocolate pudding.

Go ahead, dig in!

mmmm, all gone!

I'm not quite sure which picture I'll go with for the final post on my website. Let me know your opinion. AND, in the end, if I’m not satisfied with any of them, I'll just have to try again. I'm sure I can find some volunteer to enjoy every spoonful!

Be well,


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